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MOD POST (i always wanted to say that)

1. name: christopher
2. what is your livejournal name from? the brand new song "sic transit gloria...glory fades." i just replaced gloria with crit. yup.
3. three favorite movies! toy story, star wars, happy gilmore.
4. four favorite bands! the receiving end of sirens, the academy is..., brand new, third eye blind, death cab for cutie. (that's five. i cheated.)
5. five favorite hobbies! listening to music, reading, playing with my kitten, spending time with my awesome friends, watching/studying baseball.
6. something unique about you! i get cd's before everyone else.
7a. do you love getting mail?  yup.
7b. what type is your favorite?!?! when bands send me lots of stickers. or cds. for free.
8. A PICTURE OF YOUR PRETTY FACE! check out my icon!
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