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someone told me i should do this, so i am!

1. Name: Victoria Lindsey Faith Thurston
2. what is your livejournal name from:nickname.
3. three favourite movies:breakfast at Tiffanie's, lost in translation, dead poets society
4. four favourite bandsdeath cab for cutie, xiu xiu, elliott smith, fleetwood mac
5. five favourite hobbiesreading, smoking, short stories, traveling/driving
6. something unique about you i'm ambidextrous & lactose intolerant.
7a. do you love getting mail? [OBVIOUSLY]YES YES YES! when i do get mail i do a little jig.
7b. what type is your favourite!?!?!LOVE LETTERS & MIX TAPES !!!
8.A PICTURE OF YOUR PRETTY FACE. & yes, my walls are cement gray.
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PS: my address is

Victoria Thurston
Emmanuel College 400 The Fenway Box C-281
Boston Ma 02115

lets be pen pals, thanks much love.
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