October 3rd, 2005

Just damon

Random New Member!

1. name! Joanna Oyzon
2. what is your livejournal name from? it was supposed to be bubblewrapped but after a while that name was always taken. so i changed it to fox because i was obsessed with the x-files.
3. three favorite movies! Pink Flamingos, Salo, What Have I Done To Deserve This, basically anything disgusting and perferably gay.
4. four favorite band! BLUR, Magnetic Fields, Gorillaz, M.I.A. Xiu Xiu seems popular here, I like Xiu Xiu. saw them in San Diego. don't have the new album yet though.
5. five favorite hobbies! painting, drawing, playing music, doing stupid stuff on the internet, taking long hot showers sitting in the tub.
6. something unique about you! uh, went to london once.
7a. do you love getting mail? [OBVIOUSLY] yes fucking yes
7b. what type is your favorite? random packages filled with mix CDs and postcards.

Joanna Oyzon
625 N. Grand St. Apt C1
Orange, California 92867