November 16th, 2005

(no subject)

1. name: Kaya
2. what is your livejournal name from? it's that stupid thing when something good happens and you(or someone, i dunno- i do it) does that fist pull thing, sometimes heard with a 'yes' or something attached to it. i could credit the lovely title to fez_rejection
3. three favorite movies: harold and maude, pumpkin, delicatessen
4. four favorite bands: the magnetic fields, creedence, erasure, kaito
5. five favorite hobbies: writing(letters poetry etc) drawing, making mixtapes, collaging, people watching
6. something unique about you: hmm. what's considered unique? i don't know. i've been told that my letters are:/
7a. do you love getting mail? [OBVIOUSLY] yes i do
7b. what type is your favorite? anything a'tall
8. A PICTURE OF YOUR PRETTY FACE: it's a couple years old, i don't really have the technology for digital picture taking:/ pretty much the same though, except for the hair