May 18th, 2007

(no subject)

1. name! CarUlina
2. what is your livejournal name from? secret x)
3. three favorite movies!
silent hill, butterfly effect, phantom of the operah
4. four favorite band! Deftones, cradle of filth, 30 seconds to mars, collide
5. five favorite hobbies! walk around, hang out with friends, music, read, draw + paint
6. something unique about you! i'm a super-heroine... but i can't tell anyboddy.... uupssss
7a. do you love getting mail? [OBVIOUSLY] well.. duH O.o'
7b. what type is your favorite? what u mean with type? õ.O' pleaze explain me ^^
8. A PICTURE OF YOUR PRETTY FACE! pretty??? hum O.o where?

i want a penpal from japan x]


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