eda phetis (weiner_kid) wrote in snailmailcore,
eda phetis

1. name! Valerie
2. what is your livejournal name from? I am the person who stops people from being weiners.
3. three favorite movies! Really tough question. As of right now, Doom Generation, Goodfellas, and...Fight Club. Ask me tomorrow and I'll have three completely different ones.
4. four favorite band! Everytime I Die, Sawtooth Grin, The Chariot, Pre-Crimes The Blood Brothers.
5. five favorite hobbies! Writing, Crafting, Watching Movies, Impersonating People, umm...breathing?
6. something unique about you! I'm not really all that unique...I'm just Valerie. Umm, how about I have a marshmallow tattooed on my right foot? I don't know anyone else with a marshmallow tattoo.
7a. do you love getting mail? Of course...
7b. what type is your favorite? Anything. I just want a penpal who I have some things in common with; but not everything because it's fun to try new things.
8. A PICTURE OF YOUR PRETTY FACE! I don't have one...I make ugly faces in every picture that is taken of me. However, I was once described as looking like a doll hellbent on murder...if that helps.

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